The impact of the Canadian judgment on Sri Lankan Tamils

“TNA called all Tamils to support ITAK because ITAK supported LTTE. I note that Sampanthan left TULF to run TNA and ITAK because he was unhappy with TULF’s refusal to more actively support the LTTE”

Following article based on an open letter by the writer to the Leader of Opposition, R. Sampanthan.

by. Anandasangaree
Secretary General – TULF

( October 27, 2016, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) This is the fifth letter of the series that I wanted to write to you. I am very much surprised at your silence for my last letter. A very serious matter that affects all our people in general and the present Government and you in particular, has not received your attention.  At least now you should realize the big blunder you made, in declaring in the TNA’s election manifesto of the 2004 General election, that the LTTE is the Sole representatives and also the National  leaders of the Tamils. Of course this irresponsible statement helped you to win a few seats in Parliament. But the damage it caused to the entire Tamil community is beyond one’s imaginations.  You are a senior lawyer and knowing the consequences well, you should not have obtained any advice from anybody in this matter. The country and our people are in deep slumber without knowing that they are being led to face a great disaster. In my previous letter I pointed out the foolish stand taken by one of your colleagues who took the judgment delivered by the Ottawa Federal Court, lightly.  I am taking this judgment very seriously because this is going to be the beginning of a series of unpleasant incidents, that will not merely affect the asylum seekers all over the world but also directly or indirectly cause immense hardships  to many others.

Please wake up and see what is going on around you.   My advice to all those who won seats in the Parliament, in the  Provincial Councils and to those who held membership and those who intend contesting local bodies, to resign their membership from ITAK and TNA, both of which face the risk of getting branded as terrorist organizations at the International level .

Mr. Sampanthan, did you ever realize, when the TNA made that fatal statement, that you will be indirectly accepting responsibility for the LTTE’s commitments.  Apart from the past, the commitments made from the day the declaration of the manifesto was signed by the TNA till the LTTE was defeated in the war on 18th May, 2009 a period of about five years, don’t you think that you are also answerable for the killings that took place during that period, numbering over five hundred and injured over 1,500. I am not treating this as a joke but I want you to take it seriously. Find a way for the large number of Members of the Provincial Councils and a few Members of Parliament who won on the ITAK ticket. Please don’t forget that all these members who were elected on the ITAK ticket are holding memberships directly or indirectly in the ITAK. More than once earlier I warned you to drop the TNA label which was fast losing its credibility. My assumption that the TNA and the ITAK both of which were committed to non violence, will one day get branded as terrorist organizations, gets confirmed  by  the judgment of the Canadian Federal Court.  I know you will say that the Judgment of a Foreign Court will not have any binding in our Law Courts but don’t forget that this judgment can be quoted in any case and in any Court anywhere depending on the relevance of each case.

Although unpalatable to you, I am sorry to say that certain things should be brought to your notice. I am in politics for about 60 years and did not enter Parliament that easily, like some privileged persons like you. You came into the TULF with the 1977 nomination, so soon after the demise of Thanthai Chelva and swept the polls in a short time with good majority. But for me it took ten years to enter Parliament after walking hundreds of miles round and round the electorate meeting people. That is why, for me it was a great achievement and for you it was a blessing. Now I realize the value of this position much more than you. Many people don’t know the difficulty we had in uniting our people and bringing them under one banner the TULF. Your contribution towards this task was practically nil. But for us it took many years of hard work and many sacrifices made, to achieve it. You are the one who was mainly instrumental for the disorganization of the TULF to achieve which you got the assistance of some greedy politicians in the party. I want you to know how the TULF was formed. I regret for the damage you have done to a noble party led by eminent Tamil personalities like Hon.G.G.Ponnambalan QC, and Hon.S.J.V.Chelvanayagam QC both of whom were giants in politics compared to you and me. You should have shown your respect to these great leaders who were responsible to form the TULF. But you disgraced them for bringing you to politics. These two gentlemen took in Hon.S.Thondaman a leader from the Up-Country into the TULF of which all these three were elected as joint Presidents. Neither the Federal party nor the Tamil Congress ever wanted to revive their respective parties with the sole intention of appointing the TULF as a care taker and to look after all the interest of the Tamils all over the country.

Permit me to quote the relevant portion of para 37 of the judgment of the Ottawa Federal Court which says “TNA called all Tamils to support ITAK because ITAK supported LTTE. I note that Sampanthan left TULF to run TNA and ITAK because he was unhappy with TULF’s refusal to more actively support the LTTE”. Mr.Sampanthan, was this the reason why you supported the LTTE? or was it to gain more seats for your party?. It may not be irrelevant if I add that by your conduct and by misleading the LTTE, you have deprived the poor people of my honest and sincere services through Parliament for a total period of twelve years, from 2004 up to now. During this period you merely marked time and did nothing worthy of consideration for the people. All what you did was, inspite of several opportunities given to you, and that  some came on your way, you have earned the credit of being partly or mainly responsible for the killings of thousands of innocent people. I needless add that you can’t ignore this matter as a simple one. Your failure to take immediate steps may result in your losing the position of the Leader of the Opposition and also the future of the National Government will be   seriously affected.


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