Sri Lanka: Bond issues should be subjected to an independent judicial process

( November 3, 2016, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Speaking at the inauguration of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party promotion campaign, President Maithripala Sirisena expressed his views on the controversial Central Bank bond transaction.

The president said, he did not yet reveal his views on the controversial bond transactions but that he will do so today.

“Politicians should move away from these investigations, this should be subject to an independent and unbiased judicial process”, he said, “politicians cannot resolve this issue”.

He went on to note, there are debates regarding this report where people have been divided on party lines, some say it is correct while some others say it is wrong.”However all these people are politicians”, he added.

Furthermore, he said in order to ensure to the people of this country that they are clean and transparent, he will seek legal counsel and direct this issue towards an independent Judicial process so that they will be able to figure out who is right and who is corrupt.


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