I Think Therefore I Am ( A Poem)

by O. E. Guillermo

( November 7, 2016, Boston, Sri Lanka Guardian)
“An ounce of hypocrisy is worth a pound of ambition” –Michael Korda


This everyone’s want–

stretching an autonomy to unbuckle self-discovery

I got mites and bugs living in my head–

infesting my mind. They… daring a chance

to worm my guts and electrify my peace.

They adulterate seeking ways to emerge

from claws of doubts to grains of trust.

My veil of grace they bite and bite

devouring me ’til I set to pursue my act.

Should I repulse…

then spread my wings to fly?

or should I be a little puppet–

controlled, slave to strings attached to me?

or I’d rather choose a mask–

my gamble to earn sympathy or popularity;

my weapon sheltering my luck;

my fall or my win?

Cogito ergo sum.

I think, therefore I am.

The mites and bugs in my skull blown

from shocks infused by my firing drive.

My cavalry of Modesty, brave to rise

face the furnace of battlegrounds.

Insincerity. Malingering. Pretension

are artillaries luring hypocrisy

but love, honesty and bravery:

the bombs I defy to conquer the trades.

If God is with me, who can be against me?

Standing like a Molave

rooted evergreen, ever strong.

My face bulletproof

to those who I believe wrong.

A standing soldier ready to offer her life

to fraud and tyranny.

I refuse to be fed on standing lies.

The harpoons of verity, I battling dart,

raining towards the barbaric boxes as they…

They are my lioness roar, my freedom and my soar

piercing the pumping heart of those who eat innocence,

I… dauntless!


** I think therefore I am is said by Rene Descartes
Romans 8:31– If God is with us, who can be against us?


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