New Book: Tamil Tigers’ Debt To America

( November 14, 2016, Boston, Sri Lanka Guardian) “The macro effect the Tigers have today is the result of the conducive atmosphere created, and moral upliftment America has given to them” was what Tamil parliamentarian Sam Tambimuttu told the American Embassy (Sri Lanka) in April 1990

This book gives a unique analyses and interpretation of Washington’s foreign policy adventurism using the insights the author gained during his tenure at the U.S. State Department. This insider’s account and alarming analysis have disclosed the link – not well known to outsiders – that enabled operative organizations within the Tamil Diaspora to replace the vanquished Tigers.

Washington’s disappointment in its failure to salvage Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger secessionist leadership – in 2009 – to use it as a pressure group to influence changes in Sri Lanka was thwarted by the movement’s annihilation. To avenge the foreign policy setback, Washington created a conducive atmosphere that facilitated the emergence of a stronger, determined and more coordinated Tamil Diaspora – once effectively functioned to sustain the LTTE – as a global diplomatic movement.

The Distinct Interpretation

The book separates from other existing ones on the subject in providing an unparalleled angle penetrating into Washington’s covert and overt maneuvers and designs aiding and abetting a global supportive instrument of a terrorist organization which is motivated to destabilize Sri Lanka. The analyses and interpretations, based on the author’s deep knowledge and insights gained during his tenure at the U.S. Department of State, not found in other works. The link the author discovered between Washington’s settled mindset developed in the 1980s and 1990s on Sri Lanka’s national issues, and post-2009 renaissance of the global supportive instrument of a terrorist group is unique to the readers. The interpretations and analyses of discovered evidence of this cohabitation, and Washington’s adventurism are aptly reflected in the title of the book: Tamil Tigers’ Debt to America: U.S. Foreign Policy Adventurism and Sri Lanka’s Dilemma.

daya_gamaAbout the Author : The author – Daya Gamage – who earned a Meritorious Honor Award for Superior Performance and Professionalism in 1988 from the U.S. State Department was a Public Affairs Assistant (1970-80) and Political Specialist (1980-94) at U.S. diplomatic mission in Sri Lanka. During his duties, he was privy to Washington’s play book of foreign policy dealings with Sri Lankan issues. He gained extensive knowledge how U.S. Foreign Service Officers made crucial decisions, influencing factors on decisions, their mindset formation, and had access to their sensitive thinking. This wide understanding became rich fodder to the extraordinary analyses and interpretation of this book disclosing a link of that mindset formation to Washington’s trajectory hauling Sri Lanka to Geneva.

The author was in a unique position to unlock his understanding of American foreign policy trajectory toward Sri Lanka, hitherto unknown to outsiders, to take the conversation toward a different direction and contribute to the already existing rich literature on these issues.

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