The Consolidated Sri Lankan Mind

by Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

‘I consider my self foremost a Srilankan Sinhalese like you are a Srilankan Tamil. Unlike you I don’t analyse or consolidate or whatever your terminology is to describe the difference in us. They are just labels to fill in forms to monitor ethnicity or for other official purposes. We are different in our beliefs in religion only.’

( December 12, 2016, Sydney, Sri Lanka Guardian) The above is from a professional colleague/friend. To my mind, religious labels are also for the purposes of filling in forms or when stated the other way around – one could say that a profession/discipline is also a religion. I felt more connected to God by upholding the Truth I discovered about the University of NSW, through my Professional pathway. The confirmation that God comes in the form we believe in, happened/came to me through my University experience. The Accountants who were above me in position failed to identify with my conclusions and at one point it was my ‘dignity’ as an Accountant. The degree of dignity pictured by me is relative to the investment I made in my Accounting Profession which gives higher level order to the brain, relative to a Business arrangement. To the extent my seniors in position copied those who ‘gave’ them the ‘jobs’ they would have failed to identify with my true position – earned from scratch in Australia. By agreeing with my seniors – I would have demoted my real status. This happens to many professionals and is most apparent when they retire from paid work. To the extent they demote a true professional despite knowing that s/he is ‘right’ as per the fundamentals, they contribute to unjust discrimination. The ‘system’ may have so demoted a person but the fellow of the Common Profession needs to make up ‘internally’ through ‘internal’ sharing as we share Love with family.

Laws and Standards help us regulate our thinking, discard the irrelevant and give structure to our Commonness. In the above relationship – our commonness through professional structures and institutions is stronger than our diversity and hence we are Sri Lankans. This colleague made a strange connection to my Professional Ownership and how I felt about a relative of hers. I had a very brief meeting with that relative and all he said was ‘thank you aunty’. I was very happy with his ‘attitude’ and I knew no details about him except that he lived in a high class suburb and that he was a relative of my colleague. When I communicated that happiness to my Accounting colleague – she promptly said words to the effect ‘He is a Chartered Accountant, who trained at KPMG’. I had no knowledge of that but intuitively recognized that he was an heir of my investment in our Common Profession.

I believe that our genuine investments in Common pathways connect us intuitively – so that we share in each other’s achievements. When we contribute more than others above us in position and even internally we are denied that position – our contribution matures as ‘ownership’ Energy that is part of every manifestation in environment that we are part of. It’s a still force that includes Itself.

Similarly – neglected duties become liabilities accumulated through unjust discrimination where one feels ‘free’. Tamil Tigers in Northern Sri Lanka and JVP in Southern Sri Lanka were empowered by these forces and they gave form to it through the power of the gun. They are the heirs of Politicians who used spent in politics at emotional level and labeled it ‘policy’ – religious policy in South and language in North and South. As my professional colleague has stated about what they meant to her – they are primary forms of policy and when combined with governing positions – they generate instability. One who opposes or rejects such formations contributes to stability.

Rebel groups ‘takeover’ the minds of politicians to promote their own minds. They confirm the weak connection between elected politicians and the idle voter who depends on handouts in one form or the other. Ultimately the idle voter becomes so dependent that s/he / they become Asuras (humans with animal qualities) lacking in discriminative thinking at policy level. Dr. N.M.Perera stated this in Parliament as follows:

‘You are fanning the worst of sentimental flames. We can fight on political ideologies, on economic principles, but when it comes to rousing people to a state of mass hysteria on issues like language, religion and race, there is no knowing where it will end’

Tamils & Muslims of Sri Lanka, have continuously opposed ‘takeovers’ by majority race because they practice their religions more strongly without any ‘handouts’ from the Government for doing so. To the extent they cash the investment to collect numbers – Tamils with Tamil Nadu and other Tamils for the purposes of ‘showing’ majority force – and Muslims with the Islamic world – they dilute their entitlement to Equal status. Some who ‘gossiped’ about the LTTE – accumulated fear of such groups which surfaces in places where they are in the minority and/or where such rebels violate common laws of a particular place – as ISIS does in Christian countries. Tamils who lived with the LTTE including those in opposition of their one sided actions – to protect their own higher mind order – do not fear such groups. In their minds they merge or takeover. LTTE supporters who suppressed professionals in the name of self-governance – would fear and avoid not only groups that seem larger than theirs but also those who demonstrate higher commitment to law and order.

My Professional colleague of Buddhist origin stated :

‘In the process I killed hundreds of ants which made me very guilty because I breached one of the five precepts. My only consolation is that since ant is a very primitive insect there was no pain as their nervous system is not developed. I don’t know why I am telling you these may be it is to share my guilty feelings. ( now don’t tell me it is our professional bonding).’

My colleague was thanking me for invoking her higher mind through our Common Profession. Until the information passes through our brain – any pain is strictly at the physical level – as loss. Fear of Terrorism is eliminated when we merge those with weapons with our mind through most Common form. This is Land in Democracy and Time in Autocracy. Where there is Equal Opposition available – the democratic pathway leads to Global Commonness. Where there aren’t enough bodies to manifest Equal Opposition – we become relatives within a separated group. LTTE and JVP took-over idle minds and to the extent they remained local – their actions would qualify as rebellion. To qualify as such every attack on another needs to be through a natural common belief. When Buddhist JVP attacked Christians or Muslims they accumulated negative karma which would be in ‘waiting’ for the right time through an appropriate group strongly bonded by common belief – for example Professional Accountants or the TNA. When professionals ‘sell’ their status for money and become so idle that they allow their minds to be taken-over by those carrying guns Nature has no way of manifesting Itself in a place where others before us have invested positively in higher governance. Jesus was born because there was no other body through which Truth could manifest Itself at that place at that time – the collective Energy of true Sovereignty. Jesus showed this connection by attributing to Father. Whether it is Buddhists or Muslims; Tamils of Sinhalese, in our current generation Sri Lanka, if they fail to so attribute – and attack and/or demote one of another culture – they are Terrorists who kill diversity. Unless this generation Sri Lankans of Professional Mind Order confirm in action their higher status – we lose the root support for diversity and become one or more communist state/s. As Professionals we would merge and as those living off the past without attributing to Father – Buddha, Jesus, Krishna or Mohamed – we convert our heritage to negative value and carry that in our horoscopes when we cross borders of time and/or place. SWRD Bandaranaike attributed to Vijaya’s heirs and abused the Buddhist heritage towards this. No Sri Lankan leader of my generation attributed to Jesus or Krishna or Mohamed. The force of those who did not react but continued to uphold their Belief as Sri Lankans in diverse looking bodies – brought UN’s Navi Pillai followed by other members in the UN to manifest Sri Lanka’s true Multiculturalism. The Diaspora contributed strongly towards this. To be an Equal Opposition with stronger ‘internal’ power than the Male dominated Buddhist Government – minorities have to invest more strongly in not only other cultures – but also other gender. That is the message from the Consolidated Sri Lankan mind.


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