Syria: Aleppo and Arab diplomatic failure

It can be argued that Russia, Iran and Assad managed to fool not only Arab countries but also the entire western world today with this aggressive action. Russia may have its permanent military base in Syria.

by Dr Rifai

( December 17, 2016, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Syria has been burning for the last five years and yet, Muslim and Arab world could not take any strategic or diplomatic step to avoid genocide in Aleppo. Assad with the support of Iran managed to defeat Arab nations militarily, diplomatically and strategically. Western world, more importantly, a long-lasting ally of Arab world, US has punched Arab world from back on this case of Aleppo. For more than last 70 years, Arab world has been heavily depending on western support. Arab world has been financially, and commercially helping US for the last 70 years and more importantly, US has been milking gulf nations for the last five decades in a large scale: It is reported that Saudi alone buys $ 6billion worth of weapons from US annually. It is also reported that Saudi has a huge amount of fixed deposit in some American banks. Despite all this mutual interest, US has been using gulf nations and Saudi as some curry leave. One theory is, that some US politicians still think that Saudi is partially responsible for 9/11 attack. This issue has been debated in US congress many times.

Nevertheless, many people in Muslim world think it was a conspiracy theory made up by US. Anyway, even long before 9/11, US has had a habit of mocking Arab and Muslim world for a long time. US has been using Pakistan for many decades as a curry leaf. It is self-evidence for any discerning student of politics that US has been treating its partners, allies in ME cheaply for its own self-interest.

Honestly, French and British people wanted to act against Assad long time ago. Long before Russians involved in Syrian crisis. Many Arab and Muslim countries demanded US and west to act against Assad who has been violating all international laws and norms. yet, many politician in US did not want to take any action against Assad instead they have been supporting Assad indirectly by not acting for the last five years. Former British Chancellor George Osborne openly said this in parliament on 14/12/16 that Syrian crisis was “created by a vacuum, a vacuum of western leadership” for not acting swiftly when it was badly needed. Russian promptly acted and came to fill in this vacuum in Syria. All Arab and Muslim nations could not influence western world to act Assad for the last five years. Timing was so important in this crisis. West did not act as and when help needed in Syria.

It was reported that prior to Russians involvement in Syria crisis, opposition forces were in the brink of victory. Assad forces were begging for food from opposition forces prior to August 2015. Opposition came very closer to victory in Aleppo prior to August 2015, yet, this victory was not materialised for many reasons. For some external and internal reasons. It has been argued that US has been blocking any Gulf nations providing opposition forces with anti- Tank weapons to finish off Assad forces. Honestly, US did not want to see any victory for opposition forces in Syria. For this reason, it has been holding back its support for opposition forces for the last four years until Russians involved. In fact, it has been blocking many ME countries from providing military support to opposition and US knows that Iran was providing weapons to Assad and yet, it did not care about it.

While US was very much keen to finish off Sadam Hussain and Qhadafi, yet it did not want to finish off Assad. Assad is more brutal and more barbaric than Sadam and Qhadafi and yet, US with its all human right slogans US spared Assad. Why? It is because, US did not want to see any good replacement for Assad in Syria. US knows that Assad is an evil person and yet, it did not want to replace Assad with someone who is more harmful and more evil than Assad in Syria. It feels that Islamic groups are more evil than Assad that is why it did not support opposition forces in Syria. John Kerry said, He wanted to see a secular Syria not an Islamic Syria. United secular Syria not a united Islamic Syria.

While Gulf nations were complicit in their support to Syrian crisis, Iran acted swiftly with its support to Assad. Iran provided the logistic support, military advice, weapon and manpower to Assad that changed the tide of victory in his favour. Yet, Sunni Gulf nations did not do provide such support. They did with limited weapons. How many Arab youth went in support of opposition forces only handful of them. Arab youths would have been there to support opposition forces and yet, they are blocked and banned from supporting opposition. They would have been labelled as IS supporters and killed by US drones and military jets. That is why most of Arab youths could not support opposition forces. Yet, Shia militia were free to support Assad. This shows How Arab world failed in this case of Syrian crisis. They did not have enough diplomatic skills and talents to influence any of their western allies in this Syrian crisis and in fact, Gulf countries have been diplomatically fooled by US in this Syrian crisis, US gagged them and blind folded them in this Syrian crisis.

Another trouble mistake Gulf countries did was, they supported ruthless SISI in line with Zionist interest and in line with US interest. Some western countries implanted SISI in place of democratically elected president Morsi. Gulf countries could not distinguish between good and bad persons in Egypt. Due to incompetent diplomatic and strategic knowledge of gulf countries, they supported SISI as US wanted. now they must pay the price for it. Iran will be more than happy to see such diplomatic and strategic stupidity of Gulf nations. Now Gulf nations are surrounded by Iran. With Russian support, Iranian influence will increase in gulf countries. Many gulf countries have substantial numbers of Shia population too to support Iran in this case.
Unfortunately, Turkey too did not make use of its strategic, diplomatic and military influence as and when opposition forces in Syria needed. Turkey missed some golden opportunities in the war in Syria. In 2012 Assad force shot down Turkish fighter jet long before Russian involvement. Using its influence within EU countries Turkey could have destroyed most of Syrian Air capabilities. But it did not do that. Consequently, Assad managed to kill thousands of opposition forces in Syria and Assad managed to killed thousands of people in Syria. It was his Air power that has done greater damage to opposition forces in Syria. Assad used chemical weapons and killed thousands of people. Turkey or Gulf countries with support of their allies could have used this as a genuine case to destroy Assad’s Air forces but they did not do it. In 2012 Assad said that he did not want to have any tension with Ankara fearing it may invade Syria. Of course, due to some internal crisis Turkey could not do that. With Russian involvement, not only Turkey no any nation will dare to involve in Syria for fear of far reaching consequences. British military expert said that Syrian sky is congested with Russian fighter jets and its air defence system. No western countries dare to challenge Russians at this situation in Syria. Even if they wish they would have done that, they would not risk lives of their air force for this aggression of Russians.

It can be argued that Russia, Iran and Assad managed to fool not only Arab countries but also the entire western world today with this aggressive action. Russia may have its permanent military base in Syria. All military expenses for this Russian involvement in Syria and its support for Assad will be finally paid by Syrian people at the end of the day. Russia will have a long hold in Syria for many years to come.

Who benefits from all this, Israel will be so happy to see unfolding events for many reasons. It managed to divert attention of Arab and Muslim world from burning issues of Palestine problem. It can plan greater dream of its expansion. Secondly, Iran will be so happy to do its Shia expansion in gulf countries. Some western power will be happy to keep ME fights one another as Iraq and Iran war, so that they sell weapons for both sides. At last, humanity will bog down into an endless circle of war. Devils will be laughing over humanity at the pathetic situation of human beings fulfilling divine command.

(When your Lord told the angels “I’m putting a successor on earth, they said How can you put someone there who will cause damage and bloodshed, when we celebrate your praise and reclaim your holiness but He said, “ I know things you do not” (Qur’an 2:31).


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