Why did not US intervene in Syria?

Slogans of human rights, democracy, women rights and questions of equality are just mere pretexts of the western world. This was has revealed the true face of western political hypocrisy.

by Dr Rifai

( December 19, 2016, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) The outgoing president Brack Obama had his last press conference on 16/12/2016.  At the end of his press conference, some journalists asked him some questions. One of the journalists asked him why did not the US intervene in Syria? Today, the entire world is watching unfolding pathetic situation of Syrian people being murdered in a broad light. He was asked if he had any feeling of responsibilities for the atrocities that takes place in Aleppo?

The outgoing president of US, Mr. Obama said “I always feel responsible. When kids are being shot, people are being murdered and displaced, and when I see horrible things happen in the world, I feel responsible. Because of my office, because I’m president of the United State, I feel responsible”. Yet, he did not take any action for the last five years until Russian came and did this carnage.

He was asked what sort of action can be taken in Syria.  He said that he had “taken the best course of I can try to end the civil war while having also to take into account the long- term national security interests of the United states”.

He says is that the US has been discussing this issue for a long time. We have been monitoring, studying and evaluating the unfolding events in Syria for the last five years.  He says that we have had discussions on Syria issue for hours and hours with US diplomats, military personals CIA, US charities (NGO) who are working on the ground in Syria.

They have been discussing this problem as teams for hours and hours. What does this process of thinking and discussion tell us?  He says that the US has learned a lesson in Iraq and Afghanistan. The US lost many servicemen & it spent billions on these wars.  Now the US is not ready to send its forces to be killed in Syria by Assad force, Mahdi army and Iranian Shia militia.  This is an unacceptable excuse from the US. Honestly, the US did not want to help Syrian people from the very beginning of this war.

It is self- evident from his replies that the US was acting on information it collected from various officials on the ground in Syria. It may appear that the ground situation is not good for the US to send its forces to Syria. They know well that various factions are fighting in Syria. More than 10 groups are fighting in Syria.  They may have felt why should the US send its troops to be killed at the hands of these groups alongside with Shia militia. This is another excuse for not sending its troops and yet, many western countries would have joined the US if they wanted to get rid of Assad. Yet, US did not want to see any regime change in Syria as they did in Iraq and Libya?

In fact, US did not like to give the power to any Islamic groups in Syria. That is why the US did not want to dislodge Assad from power. There is no any other reason. all other excuses are nothing but lies.    US thinks that some Islamic groups are more harmful to the US than Assad himself. It fears that finally, Syria would go into the hands of some Islamic groups. That was the reason that US and West did not interfere in Syria.

Unfortunately, Non-Involvement of Western power in Syria created a vacuum that was filled by Iranian and Russians. Unfortunately, Turkey or Gulf nations did not come in support of Syrian people before the Russian involvement. That is a terrible mistake from Gulf nations and Turkey. They morally supported People of Syria in humanitarian aids but they worried to send its military. Timing was crucial in this war and Iran and Russia acted to swiftly in this war to do all these carnages.

No human being with the human heart would accept this sort of barbarism. The names of Putin and Assad would go next to the name of Hitler in genocide. Horrific scenes of butchering of children, women, old and young were lively telecasted to earn the anger of 7 billion people around the world. Humanity will never forget and forgive the atrocities of this kind.

Mr. Obama was asked about the international outcry of the Syrian crisis. He responded that “I understand the impulse to want to do something. It sounded like the right thing to do but was going to be impossible to do this on the cheap”.  He consented that US has failed in Syria saying that “I cannot claim that we have been successful”.

He agrees that the US failed on the people of Syria.  I think that it was due to many factors. The US and Saudi relation have deteriorated recently.  Saudi or Gulf nations could not influence the US to do something in Syria.  There is a strong argument among Muslim world that the US deliberately let down people of Syria.  Because it wanted to see Syria is descending into chaos as Iraq and Afghanistan.

In fact, US did not need to send its troops into Syria but it could have destroyed Assad air forces and his weapons with drone technology. It has been doing it in many places. It could have asked Gulf nations to provide with anti-Tank weapons to oppositions to destroy all Assad tanks and weapons. But it did not do that. In fact, many US politicians were opposing any involvement in Syria. Now some people shedding crocodile tears after missing golden opportunities to help people of Syria. It appears that the US deliberately and intentionally let Syria descend into chaos.

Mr. Obama was asked about creating “No fly Zone” or safe Zone over Syria. He replied …

“that requires some force that is willing to maintain that territory in the absence of consent from Syrian government- and Now the Russians or the Iranian”. He says that after the involvement of Russians and Iranians it is difficult things to do. All that we can say is that Arab politicians and Turkey political leadership misread the situation in Syria for the last four years from 2011-2015.

The shrewdness of Iranian diplomacy won over the weakness of Arab diplomacy. The US for its national interest as Obama put it, for its long-term national interest avoided any direct involvement in Syria. What are those long-term national interests? It means that no any other regimes should come into power except US agents in Syria as they did in Egypt. For this reason, US did not intervene in Syria?

Slogans of human rights, democracy, women rights and questions of equality are just mere pretexts of the western world. This was has revealed the true face of western political hypocrisy. All human right commissions, UN and International court of justice have become laughing stocks today in this modern world. Veto powers do what dictators do in this modern world. If you do not call Putin as a dictator who is the dictator in this modern world? He is the Hitler of modern day and Putin has done same genocide as Hitler did in his time.

In fact, US wants to divide and rule Muslim world. If Muslim world is divided between Shia & Sunni line it would benefit the US in long term and it would help Israel for its expansion agenda. Moreover, this inaction of US & West in this war will help Iran to expand its Shia empire in ME. Moreover, US wants to kill as many as Muslim radical groups which have been challenging it for many years now. For that US wants to use Russia to do its dirty job.  So, why the US did not intervene in Syria? For all these reasons.  It does not care how many people innocent people are being killed in this war. After all, it is the US who started the so-called proxy war on terror.  We know a little bit of what has been revealed from the US and yet, there may be many unknown factors for the failure of US to intervene in Syria.

Today for the US & its allies, Arab or Muslim blood is cheaper than animal blood. Animals in the West have got more rights than those people in Syria. Today, so-called papacy which speaks about love, kindness and affection are in utter silence over this genocide for the last five years. It looks that a new type of crusade is waged against the Muslim world. The consciousness of humanity is buried under the carpet. Arab & Muslim world utterly failed to read western minds. “We have no eternal allies, and we have no perpetual enemies. Our interests are eternal and perpetual, and those interests it is our duty to follow” Remarks by Lord Palmerston in the House of Commons, in (1/03/1848). The same statement is repeated by Obama today in a different way. That is why US did not intervene in Syria, keeping in mind all those long-term interests of US in ME.  It does not care how many people are being killed if its interests are protected.


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