Bangladesh: Both parties have won the Narayangang election

When Naranyangang city corporation election’s date was declared by the election commission, then many diplomats asked me, what I think about this election. Will the government give the chance to the election commission to conduct a free and fair election?

by Swadesh Roy

( December 27, 2016, Dhaka, Sri Lanka Guardian) City corporation election does not entitle a totally morning sun of a national election, that it shows the days; but it is a little bit of morning sun of national election. Narayangang is the closest city corporation of the capital Dhaka. This is why, it may be said that, if capital is the place, which, always is the indicator of the country politics; Narayangang is also a small indicator.

When Naranyangang city corporation election’s date was declared by the election commission, then many diplomats asked me, what I think about this election. Will the government give the chance to the election commission to conduct a free and fair election? I told them very simply that, it is a very crucial election for the government and the opposition, but it is less crucial for the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party(BNP). Why is it less crucial for the opposition? It is very plain and simple. Because, in this election BNP never thought about victory, even in present time they will not think victory at all in any election. They know that victory is far away from them now; they need a recognition as a prominent political party in the country now. If anybody follows the televised talk shows with an analytical mind, he will get the point that most of the BNP lining talkers want to establish that, still BNP is a big and honourable political party in the country. Because they have been suffering identity crisis in nationally and internationally since 2014.Simultaneously, their leaders have lost their command to their workers by leading a wrong and fail movement and condemned the workers in their locality as terrorist and killer. So, BNP needs to overcome the identity crisis first and establish faith among their workers that they will not run further such type of terrorist movement. That is why Narayangang city corporation election was an opportunity for their leaders to get a chance to meet closely to their workers. But before the Narayangang election, BNP got a big break through by the President of the country. President calls them first to discuss regarding selecting of the election commissioner.

To sit with the President, all the BNP leaders gave positive reaction and they told that it is a successful dialogue. To see the expression of the BNP, many people were astonished that, why BNP is so happy for this dialogue because it is now beginning only, the ending is far away. They were astonished calculating about the result of the forming election commission but BNP’s calculation was totally different. From 2014 to 2016, for last three years, BNP did not get any acknowledgement that they are one of the biggest political parties in the country. But at the end of 2016, they got the recognition by the President of the country. So it was a big achievement for them that they can show it nationally and internationally, they are one of the main political parties in the country. After that opportunity, they got the chance to participate in Narayangang city corporation election. So they never thought about the victory, they thought only if their candidate will stay up to the end of the election and would get an honourable vote. For this reason, they have to choose a candidate from outside of the party; they did not get a candidate inside of the party, no one of the season politicians will not participate only to represent the party after knowing that he will not win because they are not able to make trust yet among their workers also.  In this perspective, the election of Narayangang was crucial for the opposition BNP.

On the other hands, it was a litmus test for the government. This election was holding after running government peacefully for two and half years. In the same way, the national election is due after two years. Last two and half years, the government did a lot of development works. But there is no real opposition in the field; so, the workers and the leaders of the ruling party are running their horse whatever they like.That is why the conversation of the public and the social media are focusing the picture that a huge number of workers and leaders are now out of their bounds. So what kind of candidate will be set up by the ruling party in the next national election that litmus test case was also Narayangang. Besides, generally it is very tough to run an election on the development issues in the third world so how people of Bangladesh taking the development in their mind- that test case also Narayangang. In spite of that, a long time, the country is out of a contesting election; so, how the worker of the ruling party and the administration will act in this case that was a big challenge.

However, after the election of the Narayangang city corporation the ruling party and the opposition party have got their best result. The opposition could understand that; which politics they had acted out which destroyed them a lot; they need a long time to repair it. Next national election is due after two years, but two years is not enough time for them, but if they do not participate in the next election they will lose their position forever. So they have to find out more Shakwat of Narayangang all over the country. Simultaneously, government party has to search a lot of clean image candidate for the national election of 2019. Besides, from now government has to understand that the candidate of BNP got near about one lac vote. All votes are not their party votes. At least thirty to forty percent votes they got for the corruption and the rough behavior of the party workers and the leaders of the ruling party. Basically it was a negative vote against ruling party. So now the time for the government to tight the rope of the wild horses. It is true, all over the country, in the ruling party, the number of the wild horses are not less. So Sheikh Hasina has got time to think about this horses from the election of Narayangang. Moreover, in Narayangang election, both parties have won in their perspectives.

Swadesh Roy, Executive Editor, The Daily Janakantha, Dhaka, he can be reached



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