Will President Obama admit his shortcoming during his farewell speech ?

When President Obama received the venerable the Dalai Lama through the back door in his White House recently, to ensure that China would not be displeased, many started doubting President Obama’s courage of conviction.

by N.S.Venkataraman  

( January 5, 2017, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) When President Obama  celebrated his election as President of USA eight years ago by making a speech of high promise in front of a huge crowd in Chicago, the US and the  world  was led to believe that he would emerge as a President who will be remembered just like George Washington or Abraham Lincoln.

When President Obama would deliver a farewell speech on 10th January before almost the same crowd that he addressed eight years back in Chicago, people would inevitably introspect what he promised eight years back in Chicago and what he has achieved now. It appears that a feeling of disappointment would be inevitable.

Premature Nobel peace prize :

When President Obama assumed office in the first term, he was awarded a Nobel prize for world peace even before he could show any initiative of far reaching significance towards world harmony. Many were surprised  when President Obama was conferred with Nobel prize and they were even more surprised when  President Obama readily accepted the Nobel prize, with no tangible achievements  to claim towards the cause of world peace. Certainly, President Obama lost a bit of shine while receiving the Nobel peace prize.

Not different from other Presidents in foreign relations :

In shaping the relations with other countries, just like other past US Presidents, President Obama was more concerned about the US interests than the fairness of the policy.

This approach may not be wrong for a U S  President, but Mr.  Obama’s claim as an advocate of world peace  fall flat , considering his approach to several issues, the most recent being in the case of Syria, where US has almost openly aided and supported the rebels in variety of ways including by providing arms and ammunitions. Thousands of lives have been lost in Syria due to conflict in recent period.

President Obama has not been able to  handle the ISI terrorists or bring peace and stability in Iraq and Afghanistan where USA has intervened earlier  to protect it’s interests rather than the interests of Iraq and Afghanistan. As far as the US involvement in these two countries are concerned , the situation today is almost similar to the one that prevailed when President Obama assumed office eight years back.

At the fag end of the term , particularly during the recent Presidential election, President Obama accused Russia of playing a role in hacking  and attempting to influence the Presidential poll. Some people think that President Obama’s recent sanctions against Russia were ill conceived and a case of over reaction. It appears that President elect Trump would take a relook at President Obama’s handling of Russia.

Racial conflicts :

The unfortunate development during President Obama’s term is the increased racial attacks in US and the suspicions and misgivings that developed between the blacks and the whites.

President Obama could not contribute effectively to create a feeling of harmony and amity in this context. On the other hand, during the recent Presidential election, he even asked the blacks in US to be conscious of their problems  and race and appealed to them not to vote for Mr.Trump. This certainly harmed President Obama’s image as a person with statesman like attributes.

Unfair treatment to the Dalai Lama :

When President Obama received the venerable the Dalai Lama through the back door in his White House recently, to ensure that China would not be displeased, many started doubting President Obama’s courage of conviction.

Forthcoming  farewell speech

Certainly, President Obama would desire to be acknowledged as a man of world peace  and intellect after laying down the office. In his farewell speech, he is likely to say a lot  about the need to lift humanity from distress and suspicions and may even talk about the millions of deprived people around the world who need to be supported by rich countries like USA.


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