Sri Lanka: Our Country is sure to face another disaster

 Please invite all Tamil groups, Muslim groups and other leaders for a discussion and place your proposal before them.

The following column based on an open letter to the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Ranil Wickramasinge.

by V. Anandasangaree

( January 11, 2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) No one knows as to where the country is heading to, in the name of National Government. No one takes me seriously when I say something, based on my Sixty years of experience in politics. But I am positively sure that our country is heading towards another disaster.

I was the only one who single handedly opposed some activities of the LTTE which was very strong at that time and I was the one who predicted as to what will happen to the LTTE in the future. If some Tamil leaders had joined me in my efforts, the Tamil people need not have faced that much of suffering at Mullivaikkal  and the LTTE too would not have been destroyed. Unfortunately no one responded to my call but instead they only ridiculed me. While some of the  Tamil Political Leaders,  intellectuals , professors  and some others kept silent, many such others not only found fault with me but with the help of a section of the media ordained me as “Traitor” and also found fault with the LTTE for keeping me alive.   Yet I continued to do my duty as usual. Eradicating the LTTE may please some but that was not what I wanted. I am one who loves this country and its people. What I feared that should not happen to Prabakaran, ultimately happened to him.

I am telling you also the same thing now. Your having links with a group that claims to be the sole representatives of the Tamil people, ignoring the others, this so called  National Government of yours is not going to give a permanent  solution to the Tamil people. Even Ministers of your  cabinet have started saying that they have lost faith in your Government.

One had even said that he is ashamed of being with your Government. Another had  said that His Excellency Maithiripala Siresena is the President but the People are with  the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. In this situation your Government cannot do anything for the minorities. In the past too, successive Governments had talks only with a selected few merely  to satisfy them. All such talks produced no results. This is the history of the country. You are also doing the same thing, which, I am sure will bring disaster to the country once again.

Please invite all Tamil groups, Muslim groups and other leaders for a discussion and place your proposal before them. Dragging the issue, under the pretax of drafting a new constitution and extending numerous facilities to the Member of Parliament, having over burdened the people with various taxes, as I see, amounts to cheating various sections of the peoples who helped you to change the Government. The various incidence happing all over the country show that communalism  is spreading very fast .

The best remedy for all these, as I had been suggesting for a long time, is the adoption of the Indian Model, along with the chapter on Bill of rights as found in the South African constitution, with severe penalties for any violation of any section in it. This will be the best solution, if implemented, will bring all sections of the people  together and live peacefully.

Anandasangaree is the Secretary General- TULF



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