`Natural beauty truism’ of seven sisters, a new Chapter for Dhaka- people

by Swadesh Roy

( January 23, 2017, Dhaka, Sri Lanka Guardian) Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh is so much densely populated and a very busy city in South Asia. But according to population, the way of recreations for the people of this city is very limited. On the other hand, per capita income of the people of Dhaka is increasing rapidly. So, the huge number of very solvent middle class is growing here. Besides, now the middle-class people of Dhaka work like the people of the western world, so they need weakened recreation.

One of the young lawyers in Dhaka who is only forty has to work at least eighteen to twenty hours in working day. His monthly income is 30,000 US dollars. He used to pass his two and half day weekend in Kolkata and Bangkok. Last Eid vacation he went to Meghalaya with his family. After returning, he described the natural beauty of Meghalaya. His only comment, “I and my family members have never seen that type of natural beauty”. He said that he has travelled more or less all over the world, but the natural beauty of Meghalaya is different than others.

Another shop owner of an aristocratic shopping mall of Dhaka () went to Tripura with one of his friends who lives at Cummila, a district city of Bangladesh. His opinion is that, if he gets a good hotel in Agartala the capital of Tripura, he can pass his weekend sometimes in there, because the hilly area of Tripura is amusing.

Another business man, he went to Guwahati the capital of Assam. His opinion is that “we need a direct flight from Dhaka to Guwahati that we can frequently visit Guwahati; it is such a calm and beautiful town that you can pass your weekend with very relaxing mood; that is not possible in Kolkata and Bangkok because these two cities are too busy like Dhaka.” That is why passing a leisure weekend- Guwahati is better. He said with a smiling face, “the tea with fresh milk of Guwahati has no simile.” Two journalists and one historian recently went to Nagaland and Manipur their question is, “why is there no easy communication with the closest natural beauty queen and Dhaka?” One young artist’s opinion is, after returning from that area, “what I have got is my whole life’s wealth.”

These are only some reactions, who visited that area recently. Basically, they expressed their reaction, visiting any state of seven sisters frequently is only for pleasure in weekend but also it is one of the special area where you can pass your weekend with an unthinkable natural beauty; getting out from the busy and densely populated city Dhaka.

Basically, the reactions of those people indicate that in the neighboring country India, not only Kolkata, any city of seven sisters may be the good travel place for the city dwellers of Dhaka. It is true at the weekend now- huge number of people do not want shopping; they want pleasure. Kolkata is the city where people can do good shopping but Dhaka is now the city of shopping mall. All the brand items are now in the Dhaka market. So shopping in abroad, is not the issue of the people of Dhaka. Once Calcutta was the place of medical truism, now the medical treatment facility of Dhaka and Kolkata are same. So if the Dhaka people fall in critical medical problems, which is not possible to treat in Dhaka, they go to Cheyenne, Delhi and Bangkok. Despite a huge number of people of Bangladesh along with the city dwellers of Dhaka are going to Kolkata, and will go in future, because there are many things go with the people of Kolkata and Dhaka. In spite of that, passing short vacation and weekend in seven sisters is a new chapter, which is now in front of the two countries. And, they have to read this new chapter now.

Four or five years ago then I did not think that chapter intensely; I thought mainly the business opportunity of Bangladesh there.  The then time the civil aviation minister of Bangladesh was colonel Faruque khan who is a very dynamic person. After visiting  () seven sisters, I discussed with him regarding the regular flight communication with Dhaka and Guwahati. After a few days of our discussion, one fine evening he called me and informed, he managed a good private airline which will go regularly from Dhaka to Guwahati. I told my reporter to collect the news and we published it. However, he is not a minister now, new civil aviation minister is very close to me, but I never asked him; because I understood, political will has lost the battle against bureaucratic red tape. And it is true, Sheikh Hasina-led government is running Bangladesh last eight years but India and Bangladesh could not open that many doors, that was obvious.

However, a new window has open, that is a `natural beauty truism’ in seven sisters for the Dhaka dwellers, no government has open it, people is opening it on their way.  So it is the duty of the two government that to help the people, how quickly they can open it up smoothly. And the reality is, it is very much needed to open up. Bureaucracy is still an opponent here, how the bureaucracy will act at the time of implementation some necessary works, that is also important. The act of bureaucracy also a crucial matter in that implementation stage of making infrastructure.  Two countries have to develop some infrastructure regarding communications and others. It is not that much complicated if two countries political will become strong. The money is not the problem for that works; rather this infrastructure will pay back more in very short.  Moreover, it is a magnificent way for two countries to make a people to people relationship; which is very much essential for two neighbouring countries to make a strong bondage of relations.

Swadesh Roy, Executive Editor, The Daily Janakantha, Dhaka, Bangladesh he can be reached swadeshroy@gmail.com



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