Brexit: Parliament must approve triggering Art 50 to exit EU — [Full Text of the Judgment]

by our London Correspondent

( January 24, 2017, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Supreme Court, the highest Court in England and Wales has ruled today that Parliament must approve the power to begin official Brexit negotiations with the EU.

The Government of Theresa May had hoped to rely on the prerogative powers of Government to implement the outcome of the Referendum.

The case resolved around the principle of Parliamentary sovereignty. Article 50 cannot be triggered without an Act of Parliament. However, there is no need for separate approval from the legislatures of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The relations with the EU are matter for the UK Government.

The ruling upholds an earlier decision by the High Court in London in December 2016 brought by a few private individuals which was challenged by the Government in appeal to the Supreme Court.

Mrs. May promised to begin the negotiations by end of March 2017.The ruling is now a delay, but not of the result of the Referendum.

Read the full text of the  judgment is below;

[gview file=””%5D







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