Rohingya incident and the relation between Myanmar and Bangladesh

The people of Bangladesh know, they have a long tradition to work with Myanmar’s (former Burma) people. So they will be able to work with Myanmar’s people comfortably.

by Swadesh Roy

( February 8, 2017, Dhaka, Sri Lanka Guardian) Myanmar the second closest neighbour of Bangladesh has come out from isolation to the world; after a long military rule. Even though, Myanmar is an East Asian country, it is one of the closest neighbours of South Asian country Bangladesh. So coming out from isolation and having enjoying democracy, it is obvious that, Myanmar and Bangladesh will maintain a good relationship. In this area, Myanmar is the only country, which is totally unexplored, having all the resources.

After the democratization of Myanmar, many big countries, like China, America, India and Japan are trying to explore their business in Myanmar. Even many European companies who are working in Bangladesh, they are trying to extend their industries in Myanmar. One of the French- American guy who works in a garment industry in Bangladesh, he visited Myanmar three times last year; he wants to his own business there. His business idea is to set up an English language learning school there; he studied its feasibility a lot on this issue, and got a good future in this business. His opinion is, “This sector is totally unexplored, and there is no enough English language skilled manpower in Myanmar, who can explore it.” Like the English language, in every sector of Myanmar is unexplored and have a shortage of skilled manpower.

After entering Myanmar in democracy age, not only Myanmar people, but also the people of Bangladesh became happy; because, they thought the democratic government of Myanmar will resolve the long standing Rohingya issue. Bangladesh has been suffering from this issue since early eighties. On the other hand, as a close neighbour, the people of Bangladesh thought they would get many working and business facilities there. After democratization, the government and the private sector of Bangladesh started cooperation and searching business opportunity in Myanmar. One of the Bangladeshi private airlines already started their daily flight from Dhaka to Yangon. One private Bank of Bangladesh already started their operation, some jute goods businessmen have open their business office there. One of the leading furniture industries of Bangladesh is trying to open their branch in Myanmar, collaborating with China. It is not the whole pictures, besides that, lot of people of Bangladesh are searching business opportunity in Myanmar. On the other hand, the private sector and the government of Bangladesh are thinking to work in Myanmar on power and energy sector.

The people of Bangladesh know, they have a long tradition to work with Myanmar’s (former Burma) people. So they will be able to work with Myanmar’s people comfortably. When the government and the people of Bangladesh are thinking in that way, and advancing gradually then last 9th October the insurgent group of Rohingya attacked on four police station at Rakhine state in Myanmar. The backlash of that Rohingya insurgent activates, the whole scenario has been changed. The way the Myanmar army reacted has shaken the south and eastern Asia; on the other hand, besides the Rohingya people, Bangladesh has to take more pain in this incident. Backlash of that insurgent’s attack, officially 65000 Rohingya Muslims have entered in the Bangladesh; though it will be above one thousand hundred. They are now living in Bangladesh as refugee. Besides, this new one hundred thousand Rohingya refugee; there are half million Rohingya refugee have already in Bangladesh. They have come through last three decades.

Bangladesh is a Muslim majority country, so the present persecution of Rohingya, the people of Bangladesh has taken it extra emotionally. The genocide what Myanmar army has committed; it will not be justified to Bangladeshi people as a backlash of the attack of insurgent group of Rohingya. And the people are Bangladesh is right, you cannot commit a genocide and rape as a backlash of insurgent attack. There are many terrorist attacks that happened in Bangladesh and the people of Bangladesh have seen how their government tackled the issue. So, what may be happened, it is not justified to commit genocide, what the Myanmar army has done. However, this insurgent group is financed and trained by Pakistan and they are getting salter sometime in the no man lands in Bangladesh and sometime inside in Bangladesh. So Rohingya issue is a complex issue: it will not be solved overnight. It will take time; first, the Myanmar’s elected government has to be empowered itself that they can take the decision on that issue independently; not to depend on army. Besides, the democratic government of Myanmar has to solve their ethnic problem and has to give the citizen right to the Rohingya. Simultaneously, they have to wipe out the insurgent group of Rohingya with the help of Bangladesh.

Myanmar and Bangladesh government are advancing in that way; the special envoy of Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi came to Bangladesh to discuss regarding on Rohingya issue. Two countries have reached a decision that they will jointly form a committee to settle the refugee issue. On the other hand, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh said, she will not spare any insurgent group in her territory; she also said that, Myanmar government has to settle their ethnic problem by their own efforts because, it is their internal problem. Suu Kyi said, recently with a western media that her government is trying to solve all the long stagnant issues. But, all will not solve in a day and in ease way; because it has created through long time military rule. In spite of that, terrorist issue of Myanmar is also complicated; because Pakistan and other terrorist countries supplying the money to the Muslim terrorist, who are in the Bangladesh and the Myanmar soil; and this money is the blood of the terrorist. So, two countries will be determined for stopping the terrorist money. Even India and Thailand have to help in this case, because those two countries are the routes of the coming of black money, which come to the terrorist in Bangladesh and Myanmar. On the other hand, Myanmar government has to take initiative regarding returning his people from Bangladesh.

However, reality is that, for this one reason economic and other issue should not be stopped in two countries; rather, Bangladesh and Myanmar have to advance on more issues even the road, river and sea communication. If Myanmar and Bangladesh build up easy communications in road and water; it will not only help in the business of two countries, but also help the refugee and insurgent problems. Because, easy communication has an own power, it helps more people to be connected – that is also a power. If more people became connected then people will help to wipe out terrorist; and it is the people’s power, it is the power of the democracy.

Swadesh Roy, Executive Editor, The Daily Janakantha, Dhaka, Bangladesh he can be reached


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