Sri Lanka: Dudley Lacks Personal Magnetistm; Philip Dynamic but Unpopular — CIA

(February 9, 2017, Boston — Hong Kong SAR, Sri Lanka Guardian) “Dudley Senanayake, leader of the UNP and son of Ceylon’s first and most respected prime minister, has been caretaker prime minister since Parliament’s defect of his minority government in April. While his father’s reputation and his own integrity have earned Senanayake respect, he lacks the personal magnetistm needed to attract widespread support,” a declassified CIA paper has noted.

Meanwhile, coming on late-Philip Gunawardena, the CIA noted, Philip Gunawardena, he was the most capable member of the Bandaranaike cabinet until his defection in mid-1959. Dynamic and highly ambitious, Gunawardena is not particularly popular.

“Mrs. Sirima Bandaranaike, leader of the SLFP and widow of the late prime minister, revived public support for the party during the March campaign by evoking the memory of her assassinated husband. Although not contesting a seat she is the SLFP’s candidate for the prime ministership,” CIA commented on late Prime Minister Mrs. Sirima Bandaranaike

Meanwhile, “N.M. Perera, the head of the LSSP has been, because of his intelligence and his adherence to political principles, one of Ceylon’s few generally respected political leadership. However recent opportunistic moves by his party may have damaged Perera’s personal prestige somewhat,” the paper noted.

The declassified paper is reproduced below;

[gview file=””%5D



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