Sri Lanka: Ronnie de Mel told US that he has little faith in forces — CIA

India is rapidly expanding the forces it could use to intervene in Sri Lanka, declassified papers reveal

 (February 11, 2017, Boston — Hong Kong SAR, Sri Lanka Guardian)  “US Embassy officials say de Mel, 61-one of the Cabinet’s most effective members-plays an important role in financial decision making but is not heavily involved in political or military decisions. For his part, the Minister has told US officials privately that he has little faith in Sri Lanka’s armed forces,” a declassified CIA paper has revealed.

“Usually careful not to criticize the United States, de Mel said last April that India’s proximity to his country made “other powers” unwilling to aid Sri Lanka,” the paper added

Meanwhile, commenting on late Minister of National Security Athuathmudali, the CIA noted that he “is one of Jayewardene’s closest military advisers and one of Sri Lanka’s most staunchly pro-military Cabinet officials, according to US Embassy officials. He almost certainly played a seminal role in planning Sri Lanka’s military offensive in May 1986 against the insurgents.”

“ Athulathmudali’s public statements indicate he would never support either an independent Tamil state or a single, semiautonomous Tamil province. He told US diplomats last December he believed the Army had superiority over the insurgents but added that “disaffected Tamils have to be reintegrated as Sri Lankans,” CIA noted.

Meanwhile, “India is rapidly expanding the forces it could use to intervene in Sri Lanka. Although New Delhi claims that these forces are being developed to defend its offshore territories, we believe it would consider using them offensively in Sri Lanka if the government collapsed or the insurgents established an independent Tamil state,” the CIA paper observed.

The paper is a comprehensive analysis on the Tamil insurgency  and the government viewpoints is reproduced below;

[gview file=””%5D



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