Espionage: Law of Sea — How Sri Lanka Played A Significant Role to Protect Her Sea!

(February 19, 2017, Boston – Hong Kong SAR, Sri Lanka Guardian) Sri Lanka then Ceylon was playing a significant role to protect its maritime zone. In this declassified document of the CIA has analyses Sri Lanka’s pivotal role at the 1974 Law of Sea conference.

“The Law of the Sea Co u n try Studies are pre pa red to support the NSC Interagency Task Force on the La w of the Sea. The countries to be included in the series are selected on the basis of priorities suggested by the Chairman of the Task Force.”

“Sri Lanka promises to be a significant voice for the developing countries at the 1974 LOS Conference. It has played a key role in the preparations for the conference, and Sri Lanka’s permanent representative to the UN has been elected conference president. Members of Sri Lanka’s delegation are articulate and well versed in LOS matters,” the declassified CIA document appreciated.

The complete analysis reproduced below;

[gview file=””%5D


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