Unseemly War of Words Between Trump And US Media

by N.S.Venkataraman

( February 21, 2017, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) Ever since Donald Trump expressed his desire to contest US Presidential election , a war of words started between US media and Donald Trump. It became more intense when Trump was nominated as the Republican candidate. One thought that media would reconcile itself to President Donald Trump when he was elected as US President. Unfortunately, this has not happened. Perhaps, Trump could have tried to buy peace with the media by some reconciliation gestures after becoming the US President. But, he too has not chosen this healthy option.

Now, President Trump has taken the fight with the media to a more bitter level by blasting it as “the enemy of American people”.

Who is right and who is wrong in this exchange between Trump and the media in USA ?

Surprisingly , the US media has failed to note that Trump has been elected by majority voting and obviously his promises during the campaign have appealed to large number of country men. Media said before the election that Trump would be decisively defeated in the polls. But, this has not happened. Instead of accepting the ground realities, media started saying that his opponent candidate Hillary Clinton won by popular votes, whatever it may mean.

In any case, there is no doubt that large segment of US media and President Trump have conducted themselves without grace that is expected of them. Obviously, both are to be blamed and one would wish that wisdom would prevail on them atleast in the coming days.

In the nearly one month in office , after winning the Presidential elections, Trump has announced number of measures including the much discussed and controversial ban on visa for citizens from seven muslim countries . Media is entitled to differ with the decision of Trump and criticize him. But it should be done without bitterness and providing the respect that the country’s President deserves. Large section of US media has failed to observe the decorum that is expected of it.

Many people agree that most section of US media conducted itself as pledged critics of Trump during the presidential election and were extremely partial and one sided in their criticism against Trump. They found nothing good in him and in the process , US media lost it’s image as a neutral body and lost it’s credibility. It is shocking that US media has failed to acknowledge this fact and has not cared to conduct itself in a way that would reflect fairness and objective criticism.

Many Americans are surprised at the continued animosity against Trump and seem to agree with Trump’s regret that media is over stating his set backs.

It is high time that both Trump and US media should realise that the happenings in US are closely watched by all countries all over the world , as US remains as the most developed and the rich country. In the unseemly exchange between Trump and the media, the image of US itself is getting tarnished around the world , encouraging the critics to say that US is not really what it boasts of.


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